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Being a cosmopolitan was almost put into the cradle of Andrés Ginestet (born in Germany in 1964) who, from Spanish parents but born in Germany, grew up in his homeland Spain.

In early years Andrés already understood that he had to confront violence as a theme. In the Lyçée Français of Barcelona he firstly got an insight to the philosophical perspective, and from then on up until today he still has this experience and knowledge in his mind.

A serious accident causing a scull fracture marked him deeply, seeing as he barely survived...


Pax Birds in tree Culture, peace and environment.
The value of human complexity

book review: Written by Andres Ginestet, Enrico Bocciolesi, translation by Kim Ginestet.


Human culture is in a constant process of evolution and transformation, something inherent to it\'s own nature which is structurally dynamic, related to human dynamism. However, in the current existential system, there are gaps being created in the communication between humankind and it´s culture that seem unavoidable. Humankind, in a powerless manner, disregards the source of it´s own identity, and by ignoring the source of it´s identity, removes itself from human events. Culture is a manifestation ...